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Can I parent a bendy layer to another bendy layer?

Sure thing. Just parent the child layer to an attach null and you're good to go.

How can I make the end stay in one place?

If you need a layer to bend like a leaf spring you can set it up like this: press Y to select your Anchor Point tool, and move the layer's anchor point to where you want the bend to start. Then drag the bend's Start point crosshair to this same place. Then apply this expression to the layer's Rotation property:


This will make the layer rotate against the bend, so that it seems to bend in place.

I started out using CC Bend It. Now I want to switch to Bendio

If you've done a lot of animation with CC Bend It already and you find you want to use Bendio instead, you might find that when you copy and paste your keyframes from the Bend property, it doesn't look the same in Bendio. This is because Bendio and CC Bend It use different value ranges for their bends - Bendio uses unlimited angles whereas CC Bend It uses limited values from -250 to 250 where 100 is equivalent to 180º. You need to multiply the CC Bend It values by 1.8 to get the correct angle values for Bendio. If you apply this expression to Bendio's Bend property, it should follow the keyframes you have already set on CC Bend It:

effect("CC Bend It")("Bend")*1.8

Alternatively, you can copy and paste keyframes from CC Bend It's Bend property to Bendio's Bend property, select them all, position the current time indicator over one keyframe, click on it's value to edit it, and type:


(Make sure you delete or overwrite the entire existing value rather than just adding *1.8 on the end of it). This should multiply the values of all your existing keyframes by 1.8.

Can I make a feature request?

Yes. Email us at

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