𖼥 Arc Checker

Arc Checker is a tool for After Effects that shows how a layer really moves. If a layer is animated through parenting or FK, After Effects can't show you the path of the motion that the naked eye sees. That's what Arc Checker shows you.

Download Arc Checker here - on the Animatable website.



Arc Checker runs as a ScriptUI Panel with a button if you install it like this:

Quit After Effects if it is running. Move the file "Arc Checker.jsxbin" to your “ScriptUI Panels” folder, which is located here:

Windows: Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects <version>\Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels

Mac OS: Applications/Adobe After Effects <version>/Scripts/ScriptUI Panels

Launch After Effects and click Window > Arc Checker.

You can also run Arc Checker straight from the Scripts folder, or from a launcher utility like KBar, and then it’ll just do it’s stuff with no panel.


Select one or more layers, run the script, see the arcs. Arc Checker makes a new arc layer for every selected layer, with the same label color and named <Layer name> - Arc, and places them at the top of the timeline. You can select one of the arc layers and adjust parameters in the Effect Controls panel.

Target Layer

You can re-target the arc to show a different layer’s movement.

Span (frames)

The duration that the arc displays, in frames. If you set this number very high, you may experience slower performance when working in the current comp / timeline.

Tips + FAQ

Why is the stroke always that blue color?

Because it's based on an old animator's blue pencil.

Version History

1.0.2 - October 3rd 2022

Updated User Data Directory

Fixed unnamed Pseudo Effect bug

1.0.1 - August 11th 2022

Updated Pseudo Effect

1.0 - June 28th 2022

Initial release

Last updated