Advanced tangent pasting

Following on from Paste Tangents, here are the more advanced methods available for pasting tangents in Penpal.

If you hover over the Paste button, there are additional buttons to paste only the length or only the angle. If you paste length, the selected tangents will retain their existing angles. If you paste angle, the selected tangents will retain their existing length.

All three Paste buttons have a unique, super-local method of pasting that attempts to paste tangents relative to the angle of the neighbouring points. This mode is activated when you hold Cmd on Mac, or Ctrl on Windows, when you click the Paste buttons. For example, if you make a many-sided polygon and then adjust the tangents of one point, copy them, and then paste to the other tangents holding Cmd or Ctrl, each pair of tangents will rotate the tangents to match the shape of the polygon. This can be useful for radial or many-sided shapes like wheels, cogs, stars and crosses.

Copying and pasting tangents is not affected by changes to the Space. It's always performed within Local space, regardless of which Space you have active.

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