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Selections and tabs


You can select elements by dragging a marquee over them, or by clicking on them one-by-one while holding Shift or Cmd (Mac)/Ctrl(Windows). Paths can only be selected by dragging.
Unselected points and tangents are displayed with an outlined icon. When they are selected, it becomes filled. Selected paths are slightly brighter in the points and tangents tabs, and blue when in the paths tab.
Unlike Adobe software generally, selecting a point does not automatically select it’s tangents. If you're dragging points, the tangents will move with it just like you'd expect. But most Penpal buttons treat tangents and points as separate things.


There are three tabs at the top of the panel:
Points and
Tangents. Clicking on these tabs shows different groups of buttons, and highlights the relevant elements in the canvas. Path buttons affect the path as a whole - it will maintain it’s proportions and essential shape. Point buttons affect points and Tangent buttons affect tangents.
Tabs have no effect on selections, or what happens when you click and drag elements in the canvas. They essentially just change which buttons you can see and use.
Last modified 7mo ago