How it works
Penpal works with the path properties in shape layers and masks. It only ever affects path properties - it will never affect transforms or any other property in your timeline.
You cannot drag elements in the Penpal panel (e.g points) to move them, as you can in the main After Effects composition panel. You select elements, and then edit them with the button functions.

If you have a layer with one or more paths selected when you first open the Penpal panel, it will automatically load those paths. If not, select the layers or paths you want to edit, and click the
reload button. At any time, you can also double-click in an empty part of the canvas to load or reload paths.
Penpal can work with multiple paths at the same time. It will load whichever paths or layers you have selected in After Effects' timeline. If you have several layers selected, it will load all the paths and masks on those layers. If you want to target specific paths, you can select them by Cmd/Ctrl-clicking on the Path properties in the timeline, one-by-one.
If you’ve loaded several paths into Penpal, and you then want to remove some from the panel for the sake of visual clarity, select either the ones you want to remove, or the ones you want to keep; and then right-click anywhere in the panel to access the context menu, and click on Remove Path From View or Solo Path in View.
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