The Panel

Let's look at the different parts of the Penpal panel:
Hamburger menu - this menu contains options for licensing, updating and getting technical support for the product, as well as the Preferences and a link to this documentation.
Reload button - reloads currently selected paths. This will de-select any selected elements in the canvas.
Tabs - switches between groups of functions -
Points and
Spaces button - switches between
Layer and
Local space.
Function buttons - to perform operations.
Canvas - the area where paths are displayed and you can select elements. Paths are displayed as a line with an arrow after the first vertex, showing their direction. Points and tangents are represented by squares and circles.
If you double-click on a point or tangent in the canvas, a pop-up dialog will show you the exact co-ordinates for that element, and you can enter your own values to change it. These values are dependent on which Space you currently have active.
Note that if a tangent is zero'd it will be in exactly the same place as the point, so when you double-click on a point with a zero'd tangent, you will see and edit the values for either the point or the tangent depending on which tab is active: the point - in the points tab; or the tangent - in the tangents tab.
Context menu - the context menu is shown when you right-click within the canvas.
Tooltips - displayed at the bottom of the canvas, describing the operation of whichever button your cursor is over. They can be disabled in the Preferences.
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