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Undo and redo

Undo and redo functions will undo and redo everything and anything you do in After Effects, not just the Penpal operations.
An edit in Penpal is a normal After Effects history item that can be undone. But if you click on After Effects' menu bar and Edit > Undo Modify shape you won't see the undo reflected in Penpal's canvas and you'll have to reload the path.
The Undo and Redo buttons in Penpal's footer bar will perform a standard undo and refresh the canvas, and so will the keyboard shortcuts:
  • On Windows: Undo is Ctrl + Z, Redo is Ctrl + Y - but these shortcuts only work repeatedly when Penpal is docked in your After Effects workspace.
  • On Mac: Undo is Alt + Z, Redo is Alt + Y and they work regardless of docking.